It’s miserable dating women older than 30 ‘feels like a job interview’


Fellas, come here. Do you feel like dating a woman over 30 is like putting yourself through a job interview?

A man on Twitter certainly thinks so.

Twitter user  @pizzahmwitu prompted debate after saying

‘Dating  a woman after 30 is miserable it’s just a job interview. Where do you do for a living

Do you rent or own

What kind of car do you drive etc

These women want to qualify you materialistically to see if you can be their retirement plan’

He finished his thoughts.


The topic trended on international blog Unlocked Hollywood where women blasted men for wanting the bare minimum relationships.

A woman explained its just because she doesn’t want to take care of a man that’s why she asks those questions.

@girlmeetsblunt said ‘I’m 26 and ask those questions. I’m just making sure  your not trying to make me your retirement plan boo boo’.

Another woman @wifematerialsince 1986said that” men who have it together don’t mind. Actually they answer b4 u can even ask’

@paolo-moreauxsaid ‘These questions should always be asked no matter the age’ as a fifth woman @lamluisamc insisted ‘ if youre poor an insecure just say that’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you ask these same questions when dating, to make sure the opposite gender isn’t trying to make you their retirement plan?

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