Ringtone with Azziad

‘It’s for a music video’ Kenyans say of Ringtone and Azziad ‘budding’ romance

No one os buying the story that Ringtone and Tiktok girl Azziad are a couple and expecting a bundle of joy soon.

The two released pictures of their new romance, and a heavily pregnant Azziad cradling her baby bump.

Since it’s Ringtone and he loves chasing clout, Kenyans on social media are blasting the gospel singer for going too far.

Are they dating? Exclusive intimate photos of Ringtone and Azziad emerge

Ringtone carrying Azziad
Ringtone carrying Azziad

Ringtone is shooting a new video with Azziad as his vixen. Hii story ya relationship ni clout tuFace with tears of joy

Ringtone amazes Kenyans everyday:
Small orange diamondWhen Diamond Platinumz dumped Zari Hassan he wanted her
Small orange diamondWhen Otile Brown broke with Vera Sidika he wanted Vera
Small orange diamondWhen Diamond dumped Tanasha Dona he wanted her
See the Stunt he is pulling here with Azziad? #AzziadAndRingtone
Hii story ya Ringtone just doesn’t ring a tone. Yaani hizi story zao Azzi-add up hata kidogoPersevering facePersevering face

Ringtone with Azziad
Ringtone with Azziad

Ringtone offered zari 42 cows and a range rover but he has offered azziad a hen with a hired range rover, hii ni madharau ya hali ya juu. Inauma but…
How I mind my business when it comes to people’s relationships. Anyway ringtone and azziad mtaachana tu #AzziadAndRingtone
Azziad Nasenya is now hanging with likes of Ringtone Apoko after snubbing Wasafi TV offer and lashing Diamond. Mungu nifunze kunyamaza.

Ringtone with Azziad

A time will come that kisii men will stand and disown you(Ringtone). You ain’t depicting the true character of a Kisii Man. It’s high time you revisit your character and stop sideshows! Sasa ulianza kumkatia lini? na mimba ilimea haraka aje hivi?

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