‘It’s a gentle reminder’ Woman defends broadcasting loan given to husband

On the Friday January 14th morning conversation, Maina returned to the previous days conversation about women loaning men. who never refund the cash.

Kingangi on Thursday told men to avoid getting money from women because of the shame that follows being reminded to pay it back.

Women told Maina that they bail out men because they love them, but men are ungrateful for the loan, because later on they forget the good deed his wife did.

A wife called Maina and said ‘ukiona mwanamke akiongea amekwazwo. I gave my man sh70,000 to bail him out of jail and to date he has never returned the money. He doesn’t care the hardship I went through to get the money. We don’t broadcast about the loan, what we do is remind them, not broadcast’

Many other women told Maina the same thing that men don’t like to pay back the loans, and this is what annoys wives that they feel taken for granted.

Maina simply advised women not to give men money.

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