It’s a Cruel World! Househelp Caught Breastfeeding Her Employer’s Child

Ladies, what would you do if you had a child and found out that your househelp is breastfeeding her without your knowledge?

This is what happened to a police officer when she arrived home only to find her nanny seated on the couch breastfeeding her 4 month-old baby.

The househelp quickly placed the baby on the seat and stood up in shock, the minute she saw her boss. When she was questioned about the appalling action, she got defensive, claiming that it was not her intention.

The corporal quickly called a neighbour and requested her to try and enquire from the girl on why she breastfed the baby, but the house help only kept apologising.

Mother nursing son
Mother nursing son

The baby’s mother, then proceeded to record a statement at Changamwe Police Station, saying that she had received a recommendation from a family member to hire the house help who hails from Mumias and has a 7-year-old .

“Until now she has not given any explanation as to why she did it and is not giving us details of whether she has in the past breastfed my baby. The house help is still in my house as we wait for tests to be done on her and my baby to determine any risks,” she said.

“Her output was good and she never failed to do her work. I never had an issue with her performance,” she added.













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