It’s a Baby Boy!! Former KTN News Anchor Joy Doreen Bira Treated To A Surprise Baby Shower

Former KTN News anchor, Joy Doreen Biira had a day to remember. This is after the former TV siren was treated to a surprise baby shower from her colleagues.

Doreen who is set to welcome a baby boy, her second born into the world in a couple of weeks, took to her social media where she narrated how she was due for her evaluation on her advisory performance, but at the end it turned out to be a surprise baby shower party from her colleagues.

The evaluation was to take place in two rounds. The first went as perfectly planned and as she stepped in for the second and final one, her colleagues were on location to warm her heart with an act which left leaving her ‘Flattered and humbled’.

Her post reads, “Joy on Friday we doing a light quarterly evaluation of your advisory performance. Will take about an hour or less.”

So because I’ve been expecting it, I prepare with excitement thinking, “awesome this gives me more time to myself after baby arrives in a few weeks instead of calling during maternity leave to do it” 💭🤔 – it was two rounds of it – did the first one alright with funding partner and was now ready for the second round. The second one turned out to be, well, another kind of work evaluation – a surprise baby shower🤰🏽💓💓 .
I mean how awesome can people be – I’m totally flattered and grateful 😍😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
#babyshower #2 #babylove

Check her photos below.

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