Items prohibited at the WRC Safari Rally track in Naivasha

The WRC Safari Rally championship is on starting the 23rdt to the 26th of June 2022 in Naivasha.

It’s not only a time for Kenyans to have fun but also a time for some to show off.

Below are some things which are prohibited by the Safari Rally management.

Don’t take your pets at the special stage.

Domestic animals
If you live within the areas where the rally drivers will be passing domestic animals must be secured to as not to enter the SS route.

Don’t throw anything on the route – it could endanger the safety of passing competing crews. This behaviour is also handled in the Criminal Code!

No alcohol on the rally track
Alcohol is allowed but only away from the rally track.
This is because alcohol impairs people’s thinking and this might affect the safety of the spectators or the drivers.

No drones

No drones are allowed during the WRC Safari Rally Championship.

  • Drones are also not to be flown near air traffic control bases, airports, highways, government buildings, prisons or any other political institutions.
  • You may not fly a drone across a border post.
  • Drones may not fly higher than 150m from the ground.

Other things to consider are

Do not park your vehicles on reserved parking lots appointed by the police or the organizers.
Do not park where you could stand in the way of competing crews, service staff, and other participants of public traffic.
Don’t stand in front of traffic or directive signs.
Don’t damage the environment!

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