‘It was not easy,’ Guardian Angels speaks after reconciliation with father

Kenyan gospel music sensation Guardian Angel reveals that it was a hard time reconciling with the father.

In an exclusive interview, he cited that reconciling with his father was not easy for him.

Talking to Classic105,com, the gospel musician said,

It was a great move but it was not easy.

One of the things that I had never thought about is that we would be able to get to that point with my dad

But I thank God that through a sermon that I listened to, it touched my heart and I realized I was also messing up by keeping the grudge with my dad, because it holds my blessings.

In all this, I wanted to move to a greater place and make moveand one of the moves that I have to do is to clear the way so as to get blessings from my parents.


Guardian Angel reveals reason he reconciled with father after 30 years


In a previous interview, the “Nadeka”  hitmaker had said that he had not kept in touch with his father for many years in which when he finally did he found him unwell.

Well, we asked him how his father was doing and he was quick to affirm that he was in perfect condition.

However, when asked what had hindered him from reaching out to the father before the sermon, he said,

There are things I know about him and what he said and things that he did to my mother and when you think about them,  you feel offended

Questions asked are why he did what he did and why he wasn’t there for me.

I however realized that he was still my father whether he was there or not, he is still my father

During the interview, he revealed that the mother was alright and cool after him and the father reconciling

This was after having said in a previous interview she had been asking him to reconcile with him on many occasions.

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