‘It was a dark season for me’ Jimmy Gait on being cyber bullied

Local gospel artiste Jimmy Gait left Kenyans in shock after he broke in tears during a live interview on The Trend.

The artiste found himself on the receiving end after releasing a parody of a secular song ‘Hello’ by Adelle, that saw him trolled and bullied online in 2017. This event saw him stay out of the music scene for a while.

The cyber bullying saw the laid back artiste go into depression after his song which he had posted on you tube got twisted to suit the attackers line of thinking.


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Speaking on the issue, Jimmy Gait says

“I was trending at number one on Twitter because of the song! To my surprise, I was inundated with insults and so much hate. I just didn’t understand why. I felt shattered and could not comprehend why people were being so unfair to me. I had done so many hit songs before, yet because they didn’t agree with this one, they forgot all the great music I had previously produced,”


He added:

“I felt like the whole world was against me. I felt alone and rejected. This had severe impact on me and led me to depression, loss of confidence and loss of appetite. I locked myself in the house for two weeks and could not face anyone because I felt like everyone disliked me.”

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The experience led to cancellation of performances, endorsements and friends, “mostly due to my dented public image.” Because he wasn’t earning, he incurred debts, further affecting him  emotionally, spiritually and socially.

“It was a dark season for me. When I was stable again, I reflected on the experience and decided to pay close attention to the issue of cyber bullying,” explained Gait.

Individuals and institutions are paying more attention to depression unlike back in the day when it was a personal struggle but more still needs to be done.

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