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It is the norm to sleep with cousins in my family-Kabi wa Jesus

Popular Kenyan YouTuber Kabi Wa Jesus recently revealed that before he finally saw the light and was reborn, he slept with many of his relatives.

He admitted to the incest acts in a recent engagement where he was speaking on Friday, July 1, at Reign City Chapel.

The acclaimed content producer said that before he was saved on September 15, 2013, he engaged in numerous unhealthy habits, including drug abuse.

Kabi claims that the controversy that broke in 2021 after he was revealed to have slept with and fathered a child with his cousin Shiko was only the tip of the iceberg.

“I know that most of you are aware of the incident that occurred last year where one of my cousins came out and she revealed that we slept together and we have a child. When the story came out, many of you were wondering how I could sleep with my cousin.

“People said that I am a bad person. Before I got born again, this was not an issue. She was not the first one. I had slept with so many others. What are you talking about? The one who got pregnant is the only one that you know,” he stated.

Kabi, who is married to Milly and has two children, revealed that he began using marijuana and alcohol when he was young, which made him impulsive and unable to consider things.

“Years later, I got into drugs. I started taking alcohol. I smoked my first weed when I was in Class 3. I stopped for a while and continued when I was in Class 5. When all these things are happening, I’m thinking it’s normal because it is what the world does,” he observed.

The fact that he had a child with his cousin is not unusual because other members in his family have also had children with their cousins, he said, adding that things like sleeping around and with relatives were planted in him when he was very young.

“When I started dating my wife I was telling her the things that I used to do and it was like a movie to her. But it’s because of the background. At the family level, you can sleep with your auntie, sister, and cousin because I am not the first one in my family to have a child with a relative,” Kabi narrated.

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