It is not about bedroom prowess! Kambua shares things you should never tell a couple struggling with infertility

Singer Kambua is a true testimony that God answers prayers.

After seven years of waiting for a baby, God finally answered her prayers and last year she welcomed a baby boy, Nate.

One year later, she is expecting her second born child.

After being ridiculed and mocked for being childless, Kambua has been talking to various platforms encouraging couples who are in the same condition as her.

According to Kambua, it has not been an easy journey as some of the people in the society do not understand that it can happen to anyone.

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In a recent interview with ‘The waiting womb’, Kambua said that she dropped some friends after she realised that they were always talking about children in her presence.

Well, Kambua took to her Instagram page to explain some of the things the society need to shun from telling a couple that is struggling with infertility.

One of the things she highlighted is about being a pro in bed.

Check out the long post;

“Over the last few weeks I’ve had conversations with different groups of women. Some of the ones that resonated most with me are @thewaitingroom_journey (Sydney, Australia), and @waitingwombstrust (you can catch this on YouTube).
Having walked the long, painful, sometimes lonely journey of infertility, I would like to share with you some things that women like me would like you to know. Today I’ll share the ‘What NOT to say’ to a person or couple struggling with infertility. You’re welcome to add onto this, as I obviously won’t be able to cover everything.”


Here is the list of what to avoid;

“🚩STOP asking people when they’re going to have children/ why they’re taking so long

🚩If they have already have a child, STOP asking when they will have another. (Secondary infertility exists)

🚩Weight gain is not an invitation to talk about whether or not someone is pregnant

🚩By all means, invite us to your baby showers. STOP walking on eggshells around us

🚩 DON’T make suggestions/give advice on what to do “Just do IVF… Just Adopt”, etc, unless your opinion has been sought.

🚩 Miscarriage & infant loss is a deep, deep form of heartbreak. Avoid saying things like, “God loved them more”… “It was God’s will”… “You’ll get another one”. Sometimes, silence is really golden.

🚩 DON’T minimize the issue. Listen. Sympathise. Listen.

🚩STOP telling men that they score blanks, or telling women to up their game. It’s not about sexual prowess!

🚩 DON’T compare people’s journeys. “So and so also had blocked tubes, PCOS, Endo”, etc. Everyone’s journey is unique and different
I’ll leave it at that for today. Sending all my sisters in the wait, love and light ✨✨✨”

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