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‘It is good to appreciate your s3xuality and even your body’ Brenda Wairimu explains why she posted lingerie photos

Actress Brenda Wairimu is happy she did not have to explain why she posted photos wearing lingerie.

In one of the photos, Brenda stares at the camera seductively, while in another, she flaunts her slender flame but looking away.

“Every time I am doing a shoot there is always a reason.When I did, I tried not to explain anything because they spoke differently to different people. People telling me what those pictures meant to them. People sent me direct messages, explaining to me what the pictures meant to them.”


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Brenda said she really didn’t want to explain about the photos and at the same time, she was also not sure which pictures to post from the shoot.

“Earlier on, I knew I wanted to share those kinds of photos because they meant it is good to appreciate your sexuality and even your body.

“When someone is wearing a bikini and another one is wearing lingerie or underwear, then the things that are covered are the same, but there is always this thing of, ooh my! it’s lingerie in your bedroom, you shameful woman.”

Brenda has featured in a movie, Subira, which will premiere on November 29 at Westgate, 7pm.




‘Subira’ is all about the patience, determination and all the things that you got to do to get to where you have to reach, regardless of who says you are not supposed to do,” she said.

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