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“It all started with that terrible uniform” Maina told about losing in Olympics


The issue of Kenyan athletes not giving a thrilling performance at the ongoing track and field races in Tokyo is very much on the minds of citizens.

They are upset and giving their opinions online.

Maina Kageni on the Tubonge Tuesday conversation, asked why Kenyans feel entitled to winning all the time. olympics lit (1)

“why do we have this sense of entitlement over everything? The hullaballoo about not winning the 3k steeplechase, suddenly it’s blame game and this sense of entitlement extends even to other regions, it extends to our neighbors and you wonder why Tanzanians don’t like you

Maina asked “Which other areas in our lives do Kenyans have sense of entitlement?

“You would have thought the world came to an end yesterday, the most unappreciated bronze medal in the history of Kenya, we almost forgot Benjamin had been training so hard, what if the others were just better than us? what is wrong with that?”

He run his heart out, my heart goes out to him, the most unappreciated bronze medal in the history of Kenya
, are out athletes suddenly useless? even in other spheres we disrespect our neighbors”

A depressed woman told Maina that Kenyans deserve medals and nothing less “aki ya mungu I’m feeling pain kwani you have never lost something in your life yani unaona tuu ikienda, I’m feeling pain, there is something wrong something needs to be done, it’s very very painful, it is not our right but it is something that we know, surely ni kama ile deal unajua imeivana then ukiendea inacrush, I feel very angry it is shameful”track kenya (1)

The disappointment was told by a man who said the losing streak all started with that terrible uniform.

Another man said “sasa hii watu wwa atheletics kenya wanatuletea aibu shida ni athletics Kenya, wakiendelea na hizi vitu wanfanya mtaona haki ya nanai

Either way we are proud of all athletes for giving their best and  representing the 254.

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