Is your partner still obsessed with their ex Maina Kageni asks


Is your man fixated on his ex girlfriend?

Ladies, if your man is in a situation like this, how do you handle it?

This stems from the confession one woman made on Classic 105, about being with her high school crush who is currently married:

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

I have had one he was my childhood friends and I knew I was the one until I went to his house and found his current wife. It broke my heart so much I cried so much, and all along I thought I was the one. I had asked him to wait for me. He told me he couldn’t wait. I have all along thought I was his only girl, and it broke my heart so much. Trust me, we have kept in touch with him ever since. His wife knows and she calls me to fuss, but he is with me, whenever I’m heartbroken I will call him, if he has issues with his wife he calls me, if I’m broke he gives me money, if I want to call him when he is at home I use a private number.

A shocked Maina shouted:

What do you mean there is nothing his wife can do about it. Ladies, how do you deal with a situation like this, you know she is there an there is nothing you can do? How do you deal when you know he has this friend whom he relies on and there is nothing you can do, how does it work?

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It just doesn’t seem normal to me said Maina who asked listeners to chip in to the conversation.

Read the crazy marriage confessions below:

A man called saying

My brother Maina unaishi kama hauko kwa hii dunia. I’m married, my wife left me and she doesn’t talk. I even sent wazees but she doesn’t talk. Now I have this new girl who loves me and then my wife comes back knocking saying she wants me back, so Maina it has to be this way, and that’s the plain truth. You see this other woman she has accepted that I’m married, my wife has even tried talking to her. So Maina even if it’s you, what would you do. It’s been a year and three months with the other one, and I see her everyday. She lives near my house with my wife. Even my wife passes her everyday to see what’s up. I think she’s accepted her fate.

Another man also revealed his tricky relationship:

Hii mambo yote ni ya ukweli. We all have that lady we confide in. I am yet to be married, but I have messed a few opportunities because of such friendships, becauae this friend meets the woman I want to marry but there is always tension, so I listen to this friend more than I listen to the love of my life. Let me tell you and it is not fake a lot of men have this type of woman in their life. I almost got married twice and I broke it off on the advice of this woman. This other woman is married with kids, he confessed.

‘My married side chick and I plan our off days together’ boasts Thika man

Whats is your story. Do you still keep in touch with that one who lit your whole world despite being married?

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