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Is YOUR man planning to propose this Christmas? If he’s bought a selfie stick he might be…

Are you expecting a proposal this Christmas? One expert has shared the ten things to look out for – including what your man cooks for dinner and coy weekends away with your father;

There’s a candle missing 

Hamish says that one of the best ways of working out a woman’s ring size is taking a candle and dropping a ring she usually wears on her ring finger down it before scratching beneath where it lands so that a jeweller can easily measure from it. So, ladies, if you notice a candle is missing, it’s on!

Your name could be a clue

The most popular names getting married in 2017 are Sarah, Laura, Emma, Charlotte, Amy and James, David, Chris, Paul and Mark. So, if one of your names match, go get that manicure. If you are a couple called Sarah and James, you might as well book the wedding venue now.

You’ve been together over three years 

The average relationship length before getting engaged is three years and two months, so if you started dating in 2013, get ready for the bling. If you started before, tell him to get a move on!

He’s booked a bonding trip with your father

According to research, 56 per cent of men still ask the father’s permission, so if a ‘man-bonding’ fishing trip is booked, you can expect a proposal.

He’s scrounging on dinner

If you find yourself suddenly only eating baked beans at home, good news should be just round the corner.

Sharing a quick tip for men on a budget, Hamish suggests getting a ring with three smaller diamonds, rather than one big one. ‘It may look even more impressive and will actually cost less,’ he added.

According to Hamish, the signs to look out for include missing candles and passports and a newfound friendship with your best friend 

According to Hamish, the signs to look out for include missing candles and passports and a newfound friendship with your best friend

He’s ordered a selfie stick

With 64 per cent of couples taking an engagement selfie, if he just ordered himself a selfie-stick, it’s certain he is planning a proposal.

He ‘won’ a weekend away 

If he says: ‘You won’t believe it – I won a weekend in a luxury hotel through work!’ – don’t believe it; just start packing… and grinning!

Your passport has gone missing

Just before you call the police to report identity theft, you might be about to be whisked away for a romantic weekend.

He’s hiding his phone

Is your man more precious about his phone than ever? Don’t be nervous. Buying an engagement ring is a military operation and he doesn’t want it compromised. (Guys, do not save the jewellers name in your phone, save it as ‘XYZ Limited’ and tell them to refer to the ring as a ‘report’.

He’s bonding with your pals

Are your man and your BFF suddenly sharing inside jokes? Don’t fret, it’s likely he’s hijacked her for ring buying guidance.

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