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Is This The Secret To Caroline Mutoko’s Flawless Skin?

Media personality and former radio host Caroline Mutoko is one of the most sought after and prominent public figures in Kenya, not forgetting very stunning too!

Away from the hustle and bustle of her job, the witty and outspoken Caroline Mutoko is a mother to her equally charming daughter, Theodora Nduku.

Caroine Mutoko's Throwback Of Her 5-Year Old Daughter

Caroline Mutoko adopted Nduku back in August 2011 and she has never been more delighted and happier in her life. Nduku is Caroline’s biggest inspiration, joy, and pride.

Interestingly enough, Caroline Mutoko and her sweet daughter have an uncanny resemblance and despite being a busy woman, she also sets aside quality time to spend with Nduku.

She recently shared a photo of her morning routine, as she prepared breakfast for her baby girl, revealing what she drinks every morning, which could explain her radiant skin! Well, she shared the pictures with the caption below that read:

I kid you not. If you meet her face to face, her flawless and dazzling skin will leave you mesmerized.

Good morning. Cereal and pancakes for Nduku😊 Mum did green smoothie as always👊 #WhatsOnYourPlateKe

Now you know what you need to drink every morning if you want to have that Caroline Mutoko glow!

She also shared another photo of her breakfast components on June 5th: “Started the day well….until the Isralites ground us all to a stand still. Hot water, green smoothie and I’m good😊😊 #‎WhatsOnYourPlateKe Show me what you had.”

Caroline Mutoko also revealed that her daughter, who turns 6-years-old in August, also loves eggs and maize for breakfast. Yes, maize!




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