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Is This The Reason Why Kenyan Men Are Not Romantic? (AUDIO)

Is it possible for a man to be in love with more than one woman?

Recently on TV, we witnessed how the late KANU politician Nicholas Biwott’s wives came together to pay glowing tribute to their fallen husband. The three wives held each other closely, leaving many Kenyans wondering how to feel about the revelation that while he was alive, he had married three woman. We all thought it was one woman.

There are so many other cases of Kenyan big wigs married to several women, that led Classic 105’s Larry Asego and his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi to discuss the topic of if it’s possible for a man to be in love with more than one woman.

Mwalimu is convinced it is not possible, and one male caller made the two presenters burst out in laughter after disclosing why some Kenyan men are not romantic.

This is the statement that got Larry and Mwalimu cracking their ribs: ‘Ati kazi ya roho ni kupiga damu sio ya kupenda unapenda ufanye nini?

Siku hizi hakunanga mapenzi ukiwa na pesa utapata wapenzi wengi, unapenda mtu umpeleke wapi? 

Listen to audio of the man, and other male callers whose responses on the topic will leave you shaking your head:


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