‘Is this nation even ready?’ Kenyans react to Coronavirus threat


An outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread throughout China and to 31 other countries and territories, according to the CDC.

The disease was the focus of conversation on Classic 105 Thursday morning, where Maina Kageni sought to know the views of Kenyans ont he Governments readiness to deal with such a threat.

This comes after a Chines plane with 239 people is said to have landed at JKIa and travellers told to self isolate once cleared by immigration.


This sparked anger and Maina asked listeners to give their views which are below:

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hellen terry..
This are the times one curses n regrets being a Kenyan.. hao Wana pesa nyingi n anything goes wrong them and their families will be gone then we the maskini are left to fend for ourselves #MainaAndKingangi this is rubbish
fifi njau..
I feel so bad knowing that we have our Kenyan citizens there who have not even been put into consideration by our kenyan government Frowning faceFrowning faceFrowning faceFrowning face #mainaandkingangi and Chinese are allowed to fly in at this time bringing us the virusAngry faceAngry faceAngry face nonzenzeeeeee
“How is it possible? Kenyan airlines were banned from going to China yet Chinese airlines are allowed to land. The worst part is that the government is silent about it, we do not know who is responsible.”

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oliver andanyi..
God forbid once a single corona is confirmed in Kenya. No single airline including the Chinese one will ever land at jkia. We dont hv resources even to diagnose this pandemic. Its pathetic.
Funny enough I’m not shocked, Kenya government is prepared for BBI not for coronavirus. Aki tutakufa sisi wote. #mainaandkingangi
LeonFlag of Kenya..
I no longer care about the virus because this country is managed by careless, inhuman and stupid leaders. Let the virus come, those who will die let them die and those who will remain will live to tell the story in some years to come.

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Our government is not eating its people anymore. They have resolved to swallow us a live
Pst John..
It is either we sold our sovereignty to China or Kenyans are naturally immune to coronavirus according to the govt! Sad! Sad! Only God will protect us.
Waweru wa Runo..
Our government already sold us to China. That’s why our health ministry is getting directive from the Chinese embassy… tunataka president wetu afanye nini jameni??
Dave Kim Kioko..
No one banned Kenyan Airlines (actually we only have one) from flying to China, KQ on their own wisdom chose not to. The day we allowed our government to go to bed with China is the day we accepted that China is our Step Father. Let’s sit down and wait for death.
Kochiengs I. Kochiengs..
The Kenyan government is a big joke. Now, we are more exposed to the virus more than the Chinese themselves. Absurd!
Sharon Chebet..
Tulipewa pesa ya kufight locust na FAO sasa corona tutatoa wapi our leaders are looking for money not us? Dont forget theirs no cure for this virus tukubali tumefananishwa na kuku roho safi…or maybe we being punished for deporting its citizens.GOD help us.
charles Arsenal..
This government is so irresponsible and inefficient in everything they can’t even protect its citizens from Chinese Face with open mouth and cold sweat. Be rest assured this Virus has already landed here in Kenya. And we don’t have the means to contain it from spreading.
Kibwage Dennis..
Ushenzi is, we can’t evacuate our people in China but we allow chines to come to the country. This thing makes me sick

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