Is this Kenya’s fittest 45-year-old mom?

When I checked out her Instagram, my jaw dropped, and even my deskie gasped out loud.

Nothing inspires to hit the gym more than to look at the rock hard body of this mother of two.

Anne Marie Burugu is a super fit mom motivating her fans to reconsider their food choices.

How does Anne Marie look fierce and fit? Besides the gym, she is an ardent golfer, a surfer (google if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about)  and absolutely adores sky diving, she also jogs and swims alot.

She kind of reminds me of actress Jada Pinketts 64-year-old mom, whose abs of steel will make you hide your one pack in shame.

My intention is to push myself on the days that I can, and on the days that my body is exhausted and worn out and I cannot imagine going on a run or lifting a weight, I will actively rest by doing lighter workouts like dancing, walking or yoga/Pilates… anything that will still keep me active and moving.

This week we have also been treated to age defying photos of legendary singer Missy Elliot, who disclosed she gave up bread and soda four months ago, and has shed massive amounts of weight.

Everyone’s talking about this photo of Missy Elliot aging backwards

Anne makes it look so easy, adding more about her workout regimen;

But if you you’re up for it, I’m challenging you guys to make your own commitments to get moving everyday, and to hold yourself (or get others to hold you) accountable too! It’s just 30min a day of whatever physical activity is fun for you, because more fun means you’ll stick with it longer. You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe a few kilos!) and everything to gain!! 




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