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Is singer Wahu going back to secular industry? She responds

Singer Wahu says she wants to create good music that will inspire people.

Wahu, who turned to the gospel industry in 2017, said she does not want to be defined as either a gospel or a secular artiste.

She told Massawe on Friday,

“I wanna create good content with happy and positive content.”

The mother of two added,

“When I look at the Bible, it is so colourful with different messages and, therefore, I want to create music that will inspire people with things I have experienced,” she said.

“From pain to happiness. I do not want to hang on titles but I believe in topics that I can relate with. I have been in a relationship for more than 20 years and so I can talk about that.”

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During a past interview on TV, Wahu explained that her journey to salvation has been off and on, citing discouragement from fellow Christians.

“Last year, now it has been about one year, is when I went through some issues and that catapulted me to go down on my knees and begin my search for God,” stated Wahu.

“What people think is not as important as what God thinks”, stated Wahu, pointing out that at the day of judgement, one faces God alone.

Together with her husband Nameless, they are promoting their new songs.

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