Is posting a photo with an ex and the child you share disrespectful to their new partner? (POLL)

When someone posts a TBT photo with an ex husbands/wife and the child they share, is it inappropriate and disrespectful?

Gospel singer Bahati was dragged for allowing Diana Marua to post a photo of her with his baby mama’s daughter. Everyone said it was wrong, and the two lovers unsucessfully tried to defend themselves to no avail.

Just before the Mother’s Day weekend festivities kicked off, actor Will Smith’s ex wife posted a TBT on Instagram of her, Will and their first born child.

Social media came for his ex-wife saying it’s disrespectful to his current wife Jada Pinkett.

Here are a few comments showing divided opinion.
Janice Moody ..No not at all, grown sensible folks realizes that when you marry someone that they had a past before they met their current mate. The fact that these two women can be decent and be in each other’s presence without hurling stupidity and nasty jabs speaks volumes about their maturity and character. Some people know how to act and can live and let live!!!

Tesh Jones ..People scream insecurity, but I wouldn’t want my husband taking pictures with his ex…child or not. I mean this is not only an ex but an ex who created another human being with him. We can all say we would be okay, but deep down our hearts would jump when we saw a pic of them looking like a happy family. Why does he have to post a picture with her in it? Isn’t this just a matter of respect?

Sunshine Wilson ..You can share a child with a man love the man for the child and not be in love with the man…. TRUST me …but insecurities and people judging according to their inner hoe perspective will think otherwise

Bethany Bebe.. It’s not the adults choice.. EVERY child deserves to see a picture of their parents together.. at one time they were in love and created their son.. He deserves family photos as well

Angela UnlikelyAngel Vilfrant ..How is that disrespectful when it was the past, it was a TBT picture!! we can’t change the past and I wouldn’t want her to.

Marti Salazar …No. I know guys who give credit to the mother of each child. They even take pics of all the children together. I have a friend who had a pic of her with her mom and stepmom together. She posted pics of herself with her stepmom when the lady died to honor her. Then, her mom posted that she lost her friend. So, children can have co-parents who get along.

Doris Lott Benson… Heck no it’s not disrespectful. You mean to tell me if your child wants to be in a picture with his mom and dad, you tell him NO because of your new boo, spouse or whatever?! Get outta here with that crap!
I think their example of a blended family is beau

Pare Bee… The difference between a baby mama and a mother finding common ground on which to co-parent her child. Also the difference between a bratty girl trying to “get at” her ex and a woman who knows to leave bitterness in the past and remember the good times for what they were.

Netra Bell… The child is an adult now, baby momma needs to get a life of her own (marriage). And stop being a third wheel. It’s obvious is is vicariously living the life she could of had, had she not divorced will smith through Jada Smith’s marriage.


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