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Is It True That Married Women In Nairobi Act Single?

Yesterday’s conversation was about men who live like bachelors and yet they are married, today it was about women who are married yet live like they are single.

Maina met a guy yesterday who said that his wife lives like she’s still single, she goes drinking with her workmates any day of the week and is often dropped home by her male workmates.

They have a child who is two years of age but she only breastfed him for four months. The man says his wife does not act married as she even goes home at 1 am in the morning yet she expects to find the house in order.

Mwalimu said that this is a common habit for Nairobi women because those from the village do not have the time to go out dancing.

This question was posed to the listeners “Do Nairobi women act single yet they are married?”
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