Is it pride you don’t have? Maina blasts men looking for sugar mummys



On the Monday morning conversation, Maina and King’ang’i for the first time were speaking the same language.

And it was all about young Kenyan men intentionally and aggressively seeking much older women to date in exchange for money.

Maina prompted sharp reactions after giving the example of a musician – pictured above- who held a placard seeking an older woman for love.

“I don’t know if you came across him this weekend. He is called MagBee in town holding a placard. He is lookin for a sponsor, qualities a big woman, with a big behind driving a big car with a v8 engine, he even give his social media handle and telephone. what’s up with young men of today? you know you could never have seen this even ten year ago. you know what? is it pride that you don’t have?”

Mwalimu told Maina that young men “are growing kiki, we are growing some kiki, as a man you shoudl never, ushinde ukitafuta mama harrier, there is a new mazda that they want so anakimbizana na hawa wamama, they are ready to surrender everything foir this, you know there are so many nowadays Mwalimu said, they don’t care unataka mam a uji eh?”

Maina declared such men are used “how can you be so brazen, is it the easy life you want as a young man and let me ask you, don’t you feell ashamed goign with her in public? Are you not ashamed to walk with them in public, are you such a young man and what do these young men tell you?”


Here are some reactions from Classic fans about the hotly debated topic.



This cerelac boys are just lazzzzy. They want fame without earning it! They want to wake up at 9, tweet and post their photoshoots while relaxing on their beds then brag while make entries in clubs with big machines

Most thz young are deceived by socialite lives. They want to imitate every aspect of them lives. Which is all false.#MainaAndKingangi

These men are after money. I am married but my boss takes care of me. Ni yeye analipa rent, anabuy nguo and you expect me to leave her aje sasa?

Vijana wa siku hizi they want to live an easy life,they don’t want to struggle. Ndio wanaitwa slay kings.

Boys of Current Generation want to eat from Big SPOON.

No matter how much this issue is sugar coated, the rate is so high and it’s not cool. Many men have lost their manly instincts.

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