Is It Just A Co-incidence? Terryanne Chebet Reveals Something About Her New Baby

Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet made a life change a year a go after she was retrenched from her job as a news anchor. Since then she has proven to all and sundry that she is made of tough steel.

Less than a month ago, blessings came knocking at her door.

Terryanne Chebet is happy to have been blessed with a new member of her family.

A few days after welcoming her second born, the lady is already excited to raise two powerful women who will one day become leaders.

Terryanne Chebet shared a special message through her instagram page where she happened to reveal that she was blessed with yet another baby girl, whom she has named Talaa.

Earlier before the birth of her second born child, top media personalities made fashion headlines after throwing a swanky, suprise baby shower for Terryanne.

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Well, today she has for the first time since the birth of baby Talaa, posted her picture with a caption indicating that she came exactly one year after she was given her marching orders from Royal Media Group.


A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… When a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone…. She arrived on the 26th of October. On the exact date last year I received a letter informing me of my retrenchment. Is it just a co-incidence? God does have an incredible sense of humour. I am truly and deeply thankful.

Well, here are some of the comments from his fans;

rosemarie: If you are a believer then you know in Christ there ain’t no coincidence…I see a child and I see Newness, Abundance, Grace,Love and much more.I speak new beginning for you and those you hold dear.And hope you understand what God is saying to you.So many times we miss it because we’re not in it nor into it.You are blessed and congratulations on your new baby I pray you enjoy this.

wambuiaruri: You remember how you asked God “why ?” when you received the letter? That was his answer . See God! Great testimony that continues to restore my faith in God. His plans…we may question them, we may hate them…but in the end when it all manifests itself , we remain in awe and simply praise him ! Super touched by this! God bless you TC! And your girls! And this beautiful new path that is destined with greatness.

jossiejei: Wait a minute,,,,u were retrenched? Nooo, realy thought twas a personal decision ;,but anyway,,see God he has a way of putting back the joy n smile. Hope to see you back on set

miss_barbrah: Your baby was born the same day as Uhuru’s birthday n the same day as baby Huru’s birthday – Janet Mbugua’s son. Congratulations indeed this is God doings…

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