Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

Bahati has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons in the last couples of days after he revealed his daughter on social media, after keeping her a secret for 2 years.

Most of his fans were not happy for the move while others congratulated him for unveiling her and being a good father. But a big percentage of his fans attacked him for sharing photos of the little girl, Mueni, without appreciating or thanking her mother but instead, giving all the credit to his now girlfriend Diana Marua.


Things blew up when his video vixen girlfriend shared a photo on Instagram while holding his daughter, and that’s when friends to Bahati’s baby mama and relatives came out to bash her, telling her that it’s “disrespectful” and “insensitive”.

According to the family, Diana did not ask for consent from the mother of the child when she posted the picture, actually, none of them, including Bahati did.

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The mother of the child Yvette Obura recently revealed that Bahati was not there for her when she gave birth, and during that time, he cheated on her. She also added that they started dating with the singer way before the fame and money.


But now, Bahati and Diana Marua seem to be going on about their business like nothing happened. They just came back to Nairobi from Zanzibar, where they were shooting a video for a new song, which may include Yamoto Band singer Aslay.

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The love birds have now shared cute photos together as if proving to haters that they are still much together and confirming that they know they were meant for each other.

Bahati was the first one to share the pic as they cuddle up with a caption that read; “God’s Approval is my Greatest Peace 🕊” then Diana Marua shared the same photo appreciating her man; “Una tabia za kupendeza roho 😍 #Grateful.”





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