‘Is It Advisable For a Man To Still Live With His Parents When He’s 30 Years And Above?’ – Nick Odhiambo

Yesterday during the morning conversation with Nick Odhiambo and Mwalimu King’ang’i there was a discussion about men who entirely rely on their mothers to make decisions in their life or for advice?

In regards to this, a 30-year-old man called in and revealed that he’s still living with his parents and not planning to move out anytime soon, since his parents don’t have a problem with having him around.

According to Nick Odhiambo; “Such men have parents who need them at home and chose to let them stay there even when they are older, especially if the house is spacious enough to accommodate all of them. As long as he’s comfortable, there’s no big deal if he still lives with his folks.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i did not think it’s advisable; “That’s a grown up man, he should move out and start his life because at some point he will need to have a family, not forgetting he also needs his privacy as a man.”

Male and female callers had different views on this particular issue, with most women differing with men who still live at their parent’s houses after 30 years. Listen to the audio below to hear the interesting discussion.


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