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Is He Taking You For A Ride? Here Are The Signs

Dating means a different thing to different people. However before you decide to date someone it’s important to ensure that you are on the same page with them. Sometimes we stay will people for long yet they are not interested in us the same way we are interested in them.

Here are signs that you are being taken for a ride:

1. He says he doesn’t want a relationship – When a man says this he usually means it. Unfortunately for women this is a reason to stick around because you believe you can make him change his mind. You stick around hoping he will eventually want you. He won’t and you are making a mistake. Take his word for it.

2. Never asks you out – You hang out, go out, talk, chat, have fun together and he makes you feel good but he has just never asked you out. He also doesn’t talk about long term plans with you. If a man wants you he will say it, if he doesn’t he’s not interested.

3. He doesn’t have time for you – You always chat, call, whatsapp and more but he doesn’t have time for you. He doesn’t request for dates or meet ups. You guys are in a text relationship.

4. Isn’t ready for anything serious – One of those red flags people ignore. He has already said he doesn’t want anything serious. You can’t make him change his mind about that so don’t take a chance on it. The line “I want to see where this goes” doesn’t cut it because he simply doesn’t have a direction to work with.

5. You always set up dates – If you meet it’s because you have initiated the plan, not him. He will never call you to meet up because he’s not interested that way in you and may just be enjoying the fun times.

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