Is Akothee Still In Love With The Baby Daddy To Her Three Daughters?

Despite breaking up with her baby daddy, it seems like Akothee still has a soft spot for him after she agreed to go out out on a lunch date with him following her daughters request.

Akothee, who is well known for her no- nonsense attitude, seems to be letting the bile go. She decided to honor her daughters request to take both her and the dad for lunch. In an earlier post, Akothee says that her daughters wish is her command.




Vesha Shailan Okello is Akothees first-born daughter from her first marriage, who I must say had the best birthday ever after her rich mum rented out a popular local hotel for an invites only party. Oh and she was gifted a car. How bout dat?

Akothee known to many as the boss lady seems to have a soft spot for the father of her girls after wishing him a happy birthday back in  February.

In the post Akotheee discloses that he was her first love and that even though they aren’t together, he has a special place in her heart





It appears that her girls love for their father seems to have calmed Akothee down and although she’s dating someone else her first love still rocks her boat.





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