Is a financially stable woman the new “ideal” woman?

Going by the segment “Classic 105 mapenzi” aired on Classic 105 with Larry Asego which aims to hook up people looking for love, most of the men who have called in want a woman who is financially stable.

Listening to the men talk, one thing is certain, they are already comfortable financially.

However due to circumstances like death, divorce, separation or abandonment they are looking for love and a chance to share their lives with someone.

Going by this trend it means that men are tired of having to take care of women. Despite being expected to be the providers they would like someone who can also chip in or step up every once in a while.

They say that they do not want a woman who will solely depend on them for everything or worse still a leech who wants to fleece them.

Their arguement is, a woman who doesn’t have a sound financial base does not add value to a man’s life as she will just seat around and do nothing but wait for the man to bring food and pay bills.

On the other hand a woman who is financially stable is able to not only ease the burden of the household but also be better at budgeting as she knows the pain of having your hard earned cash wasted.

Bottom line is that despite the fact that a man will and can support a woman, it doesn’t mean that you come empty handed and live like  a beggar expecting handouts from him.

They said there’s nothing attractive about a woman who isn’t industrious.


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