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Iron fist: Remembering Lucy Kibaki and her many scandals

Lucy Kibaki is one woman who will be remembered fondly as the no-nonsense former first lady, who was married to Kenya’s third president, Mwai Kibaki.

In her role as the first lady, Lucy was involved in a few scandals that had the country talking for days.

The former first lady

Some of the best examples of the late first ladies biggest scandals,

1. Months after her husband’s presidential win, it was rumoured that the first lady had reportedly shut down a bar inside State House close members of Kibaki’s circle would come to drink.

2. In April 2005, it was reported that the first lady had stormed a party for her then neighbour and outgoing World Bank’s country director, Makhtar Diop. She demanded that he turn down the music. The event was supposed to be a private exit party for Mr Diop.

Diop had apparently already asked for clearance from State House before the incident.

3. This confrontation was reported in the Nation newspaper, a fact that did not go down well with Lucy. She went to Nation Centre and demanded that the reporters who had written about the incident with Mr Diop be arrested.

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The two reporters were Philip Mwaniki and John Muchiri. Mwaniki would later tell the Standard newspaper about the day:

My heart dropped, my jaw followed. Knees buckled and throat dried. Was this the end? I have never been so scared in my life. I knew my 20-year-old self was done – Nyayo House here I come. Then paranoia set in, I found myself peeping out of the windows to see if there was a SWAT team about to storm my house and take me in.

4. She is reported to have slapped cameraman Clifford Derrick who was filming her while she stormed into Nation Centre!

5. She once made the head of state, her husband convene an impromptu press conference at State House, so as to declare that he was monogamous and she was his only wife.

6. Apparently, Mrs Kibaki was also reported to have slapped lawyer and politician Gitobu Imanyara at State House.

The reason for the altercation is still disputed.

7. In 2007, it was reported that she slapped an MC during a Jamhuri Day dinner hosted in State House. His mistake was introducing the First Lady as Lucy Wambui instead of Lucy Muthoni Kibaki.

This was an issue for her as Mary Wambui was widely believed to be associated with retired President Mwai Kibaki, something he had vehemently denied live on TV.

It was reported that after the slap, the MC was removed from State House grounds, with a new MC being found. It is also reported that journalists were forced to delete evidence of the confrontation.

However many her scandals, the late first lady was a loving wife and mother of Kibaki’s four children; Winnie Wangui Mwa, Jimmy Kibaki, Tony Kibaki, Judy Kibaki and David Kibaki.

She also left us with the legacy of Mama Lucy Hospital that is located in Embakasi West.

Sources; The Nation, The Standard.

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