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‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

During a candid conversation on Classic 105, breakfast host Maina Kageni was left flabbergasted after a woman confessed that she would cheat if her man neglected her.

She says:

“How does he expect me to go out and niko mrembo and expect me not to cheat, yet he does not satisfy me?

And I allow him to go out and come whatever time he wants. I also want to get satisfied, hata mimi ntacatch. I don’t care whether you will divorce me or not .”


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The debate opened a can of worms as women set to educate men on what really turns them on, while men defended themselves.

“Patience, patience its not all about how long you wait but what you do while waiting. It is all you have to do.”

Another caller said:

“Our men provide everything for us including finances that we need, then leave, they forget we have emotional needs.

You are not there when I am going through issues, not there when I need someone to talk to, what do you expect me to do.

It is not always about money hakuna mambo ya kuzeeka, you go out there ad hangout with your slay queens yet when something happens and I start, you are very quick kunianika.

You go out to hang out with the ‘boys’ but when a woman does that, she is labeled a prostitute.”


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A member of the men’s guild says:

“Priorities Maina, I can’t be at home dancing to my wife’s tunes when all this are economic encumbrances hanging on my neck.

Men don’t multitask acha kwanza tumalizane na hii deni ya China kwanza. Pardon us”

Just when you think your done hearing men’s excuses another fan adds:

“Since when did men become emotional slaves to women. The basic needs are food shelter and clothing.

Hii mambo ya emotional needs ilitoka wapi? Are you a child even when you are providing and things are well. Women will always find a reason to complain.”

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