Inspiring stories of Kenyan celebrities raising their kids after being widowed

No one ever plans to be a widow but some women have found themselves in that situation after death snatched away their spouses.

We celebrate Kenyan women who are celebrities and bringing up their children single-handedly.

1. Njeri Kaberere

She is a woman of steel having have lost her husband in an electrocution accident and still managed to bring up their two kids alone.

Peter Kaberere passed away in 2014 at the time Njeri was heavily expectant with their second child.



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Speaking during an interview on how she deals with loss, Njeri says

“I have found ways of coping with grief that are positive.  I let my body go through such emotions as crying and feeling sad. I talk about what I feel and express myself. I try not to numb my pain but release it eventually.

 Reading does help one to cope with grief. I read books that help me. I love reading books about heaven and I find courage in the knowledge that my husband is with God. I also rest well and do the things I love.”

Given that her kids are also in mourning, she includes them in the healing process.

“I do a lot of writing and journaling, which helps, besides celebrating what her husband was when alive. She talks it out with her kids as they jam to his songs,once in a while, we visit the grave and pray together,”


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2. Isabella Kituri

TV presenter Isabella Kiturui lost her spouse after battling colon cancer when she was only 25-years-old with a three-month-old baby boy.

She says:

“I mourned for eight years between 2005 and 2013. It was a shock, like a never-ending nightmare. I had been married for just one year.” 

The TV girl revealed how her pastor, counseled her asking her to move on and she did so though it took a while.

From that day, Isabella Kituri decided to try and forget what had happened and she said:

“I decided to remove my wedding band seven years later after a talk with my pastor who encouraged me to move on.”

Adding that:

“I had a meeting with myself. I had to stop behaving as if the world owed me for the loss and pain I suffered. I began to train myself to see the world as a stage of opportunities. I stopped feeling that people around me should give me their shoulder.”

Instead, I started sharing my experience, empowering others in similar situations. I became more useful to the universe,” she says. “I called myself ‘Blessed Bella’ as a mantra to remind me I can be happy again.”

Although she is not in a relationship, she goes out for ‘coffee’ a lot and here is her greatest lesson from her journey as a widow

“Be gentle with yourself, be happy with your space and seek peace from within yourself, never from others.”

3. Ahmed Darwesh

The late Ahmed Darwesh passed away after he died of diabetes related complications at the Mater Hospital.

Speaking about her loss Darwesh’s widow, Hawa Hussein Jamadar says:

“We talked for 30 minutes and he said: My love, take good care of my children. I reprimanded him: What else did you expect? I am always here for them.”

The late Ahmed Darwesh with his wife

She adds:

“Darwesh requested in a voice that made me feel like crying but I just brushed it off: “Nisamehe mke wangu (I apologise my wife),” he said. That was it. He never talked to anyone else that day as per the call logs on his phone.”

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