Incredible! Meet The Lady Who Looks Like Janet Mbugua’s Twin Sister (PHOTOS)

Media personality Janet Mbugua Ndichu is known for her amazing personality; a talented and outspoken TV news anchor and journalist, who always keeps viewers glued to the screens.

The beautiful former TV queen is also a loving wife to banker Eddie Ndichu, after walking down the aisle back in May 2015 in a colorful wedding ceremony at Chaka Ranch.

A few months later after their much-talked about wedding affair, the loving couple were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Ethan Huru Ndichu on the 26th of October 2015.


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The former Citizen TV journalist has been focusing on her personal projects which include her role as Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5 Ambassador and as Red Cross Communications director, as well as her blog where she shares her experiences as a mother after quitting her job.

Janet Mbugua is also a mentor to a lot of young mothers, and mothers-to-be, on her I Am Motherhood series, where she talks about all things  motherhood and experiences in the same.


Recently, she introduced a young mother who believes in breastfeeding in public and surprisingly, most of her fans confused her with Janet Mbugua, because of their uncanny similarity.

“At 22, Cheche’s baby face makes a lot of people do a double-take when she breastfeeds her daughter in public,” she captioned the photo. Some of the fans actually thought it was Janet Mbugua.

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that__kikuyu__bebe For a moment I thought it was you then I realized it wasn’t…. She looks so you in this picture

swahilifood She is! Had to look twice!

the.w.a.ka.s.a @officialjanetmbugua yes she does!!! I was like “why is Janet breastfeeding someone’s baby girl???” I was already like am sure something happened during one of your sessions and you had to do a “boob job” on behalf of a mum, was getting ready for a story 🙌🙌🙌 Yes, maybe you could shed some light on wet nursing too? Thank you!! Good job 👏

camreylissa Omg she looks more like you very pretty

tinybol_photography_kenya @officialjanetmbugua seriously I previously thought it was you. You really look alike I dint even to look on who was behind the photo.

sameeramerllahi @officialjanetmbugua especially the previous post! I was wondering when you had another one!

Janet Mbugua also took time to share her comments regarding the similarity with the lady;

Fair to say that @cheche254 is somewhat of my doppelgänger? 😆It’s refreshing to meet young mothers who are parenting best as they can, including breastfeeding their babies despite what some of their peers may say.

When Osborne was taking the photo of her Breastfeeding, even I freaked out for a while! I was like ‘that looks like me’!


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