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‘In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees,’ confesses Wahu

Wahu has shown us that she did not only turn to the gospel industry just because life has its ups and downs but she has come to prove that it is a journey she started a long time ago.

With her two gospel hits ‘sifa’ and ‘My everything’ that have touched many that relate to their situation, Wahu shares what inspired her song ‘My everything’.

Wahu releases second gospel song with a confession about family

One surprising thing we did not know about the song bird is that she started out as a gospel artist way back then turned to secular music and she is now back to the Gospel industry.

She said the concept of the song was developed by Peterson Ngetha, the singer of ‘Lingala ya Yesu’ whose frame of mind was that God is our everything and when he shared it with her she reasonated with it as she was going through a lot.

“Life sometimes is not how much you have really acquired, it’s about doing what God created you to do, without him you can’t really move on,” she said.

She also added that the situation where her husband Nameless was hospitalized inspired her and that was why it was based on a true story.

“In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees because it is not about how popular or how much people love you those are not the things sometimes God shows you I am God and you just have to come down and say yes you are God and you are everything. I resonated with the song because of that space and I guess I can say when my husband was unwell God says he is Jehovah Rapha the healer. The beautiful thing about God is he doesn’t contradict himself and he doesn’t change. His word is his word.”

Wahu has no spiritual mentor as she is inspired by anyone who walks in the Faith but for her, her relationship with God is her own relationship with God.

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