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‘I impregnated my son’s class teacher’ Brags a member of team mafisi

A Kenyan man has been caught in a fix after his son caught him making out with his teacher. To add salt to injury, the teacher is pregnant by him.

I am sleeping with my sons school teacher and my son who is 9 years old caught us kissing today.

It all started when my wife went for a training and I had to do the school run, because of how busy I use to be, I tipped my sons school teacher to be bringing him home for me.

So she brings him home everyday and most times I call her out for lunch just to appreciate her but it led to sec and we have bonded.

She is now carrying my child and I have begged her to abort but she refused .

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He adds

My son saw us kissing today in the car and I guess he stood there for a while before he hit the glass.

He has been so quiet since and refused to say a word to me . I don’t know what to do or say but I am scared .

Should I just talk to him like a man ? Make him understand that it was just a joke or just ignore him too . What if he tells his mum ?

How do i convince the teacher to abort the child she is not of my class of women shit just happened.

Well the damage is already done but what would you advice this man to do? Drop your answer in the comment section tumsaidie.

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