Important signs to watch out for when choosing a spouse

Girls are you searching for Mr right?

They say 20 is a confused age. This applies to all the genders. This is a period where ones decision will affect them for the rest of their lives.

At this age, young adults get pressure from every corner of their lives. This is where questions like “utaoa lini?” and after a year of marriage “mtoto anakuja lini?” Most of the young people on early or late this age are looking for right relationship that will lead to marriage. However, caution must be taken when it comes to a spouse hunt. Otherwise all that glitter might never be Gold. Ladies, here are some of the very dangerous species to run away from.

1.They are 25-34 years of age but still very single with no commitment and are at the prime of their careers. They are and can never settle because they do not want to committee to someone. If asked, all you get is “I have not found the right lady.” Never ignore the fact that these lads have two or more baby mama’s in these middle class estates in Nairobi.

2. The “you guy, my guy” guys. Most of them use this kind of language on each other especially when addressing one another. This their common code of their communication.

3. They live in apartments and are GT drivers. These guys live in a comfortable rental and own this speedy with turbo sound cars.

4. They are always in a pack. They walk in groups. Turn up in joints like a clique. Most of these are age mates and probably in the same line of career.

5. They have specific chill spots and joints, whereas you will never miss them on the weekends. These spots are mainly on the major highways.

6. They are whiskey lovers. These lads drink nothing but whiskey with some served ice cubes.

7. They are big spenders. These guys are known for “chopping money” in the clubs. This has earned them respect from even the management.

8. They hit on girls in their 20’s. They go for ladies on their 20’s for the fear of commitment from mature ladies.

9. They will never call you from Monday to Thursday. During this time of the week, these guys tend to get so busy with their work thus blocking any distractions and apparently, you being one of them.

10. These guys are well informed on the current affairs and they actually know some influential people for example, politicians, popular public figures and celebs.

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