Githeri man on a wheelbarrow

Images of githeri man being carried in a wheelbarrow trouble Kenyans

Githeri man was a symbol of patriotism and a commitment to one’s civic duty for many Kenyans during the 2017 general elections.

The image of him waiting in line waiting to vote while clutching a see-through polythene bag with his githeri inside left an unforgettable mark on many.

Githeri Man
Githeri Man

That year was a good one for him, he even awarded him a Head of State commendation. But those were the glory days for him as an image of him doing the rounds has many Kenyans worried and troubled.

Martin Kamotho (his real names) is seen in viral photos circulating online being carried on a wheelbarrow as he looks to be dead asleep.

The odd thing is that this scene happens during the day so one must wonder what is going on?

Githeri man on a wheelbarrow
Githeri man on a wheelbarrow

Some netizens spoke about the picture and revealed their thoughts. Some are below;

Sonia; 😭😭 this sums up that HSC list. It lost its lustre a long time ago. Also clear that he lacks a support system. Sad. Githeri man just wanted an avocado to teremsha with his githeri mkaenda kumpea HSC.

Simo; The Head of State Commendation list was a political “thank you gift” for the…
Githeri man
Dennis Itumbi
Alai & who else please…?
And by the way, how are those guys doing??

Muigai; Everyone from the streets knows what he is going thru…, if you’re ghetto, all your ‘boys’ will do is buy you ‘Kanusu’. He needs help, not rebuke…

Nafis Mohamed; Rather than take GITHERI MAN to Rehab, they have given him the HSC award, Something he knows nothing about..#MisplacedPriorities.

Pius; What’s happening with HSCs!
Githeri man HSC
Jacky Maribe HSC
Robert Alai HSC
Dennis Itumbi. HSC

Marvine; I now understand what @RabbitTheKing meant when he said:
Tuko relevant na ni daily mummy, we’ for two weeks ka’ Githeri man

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