‘I’m the chairlady of CRB’ woman shouts about addiction to loans

The easy access to mobile app loans has created an addiction for many Kenyan women, as told on Classic 105.

An addiction that has seen them borrow from one app to repay another, creating a vicious cycle of debt. Sound familiar?

This women is living at the mercy of these mobile lending apps, and recounted her experience.

I don’t know sijui ni kama ni shetani or what, I don’t know what I’m going to  do about it, when I get kidogo I off set the other.


The woman under major debts and stress pleaded with Maina Kageni to help offset her mobile app loans that are threatening to overwhelm her.

sis wote tuna shida zote same. There is no Kenyan women who doesn’t have a mobile loan, I was introduced by one women and I then introduced another two, nimekopa kila mahali,

She is so stressed out with calls from people demanding payments

These apps have such high interest, we don’t care about interest, there is the fun part of taking loans. I owe 35k in total, if you can pay for me I will still borrow you now there is addiction, to be honest I will borrow again,


She is hooked to Mshwari as the answer to her money woes.

I install the app then uninstall, there is an addiction of till death do us part. I don’t know what to do, its a serious thing 

It’s threatening to push her to the breaking point.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what advice would you give to Kenyan women perpetually in debt over a lifestyle they want?


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