‘I’m tempted to cheat before my wedding to gain s#x experience’ Rose

A Kenyan woman has been caught in a dilemma .According to her she is tempted to sleep with another man to gain sexual experience.

*Rose* is only worried that she might be tying herself down to a poor performer when she can easily get a ‘A’ material man to match her bedroom demands.

She says

 I’m engaged to a very nice guy, we’ve been dating for over 4years.

For these years I’ve been so faithful to him that I’ve never cheated on him, (I’ve not had sex with anyone apart from him).

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He is the only man I’ve been intimate with all my life n I don’t really like it because I don’t know how it feels like to ‘taste’ another man.

My fiancé has many sexual experiences but me none.

 I was thinking of sleeping with someone else before our marriage just to taste how it feels, it’s funny but this issue has been disturbing me a lot.

So what do u guys think should I should do?

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Below are some of the responses.

trapquin_maggie:It’s disgusting and you’ll regret it🙄,well what do I know 😪

mhiz_fun_:You might not be able to stop once you start cheating, better stay faithful

king_eze09:You’re right,you need to learn more styles,plss find your way to my Dm

What would you advice the woman to do?Apambane na hali yake ama atembee nje?

babajideedges:Curiosity they say killed that Cat. You ain’t even certain about what exactly you curious about but you felt there should be more . Don’t be Silly my Dear!

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