Harmonize and Frida Kajala

I’m sick – Harmonize tells after begging Kajala to reunite

Harmonize is sick, and perhaps needs your prayers.

The singer has been suffering, begging his former girlfriend Fridah Kajala to take him back.

Over the last three days, harmonize on his Instagram has been making it clear he is miserable and in heartbreak.

On Saturday this past weekend a billboard of the two was found erected overnight. And a day later he penned an emotional note.

He first wrote ‘you can see me and you trust me, I’m not happy everyone knows in the gang I’m not happy’

A consecutive message told ‘Fridah take me back I’m sorry’

And lastly on Monday night added ‘I’m sick’

Fans are amused that he is sick in love, with many wondering what happened to his mzungu lover. Have they broken up or is it clout chasing?

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