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‘I’m sad that you’re gone’ Maina Kageni mourns legendary James Ingram

It is a sad day for Maina Kageni as he mourns legendary artiste James Edward Ingram.

Maina Kageni has taken to social media to mourn Ingram, terming this as one of his greatest loss in recent times.

“James Edward Ingram….. what a VOICE!!! What a songwriter!! You told me that a songwriter with an ear for a killer melody was a songwriter after your own heart…. aaahhh…. you’re gone…. couples met through your music as “Party Animals”, broke up when you told them that “There’s No Easy Way (To Break Somebody’s Heart)”, got back together when you and Linda Ronstadt were looking for somebody “Somewhere Out There”… they fell in love again when you promised them that they’d be together “Forever More”…. they got married to your music… they promised ” One Hundred Ways” to love each other… You said to me that your biggest regret was never working with Babyface…. Only God knows why…. that would have been too much to take!!!!!!!”

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James Ingram

He add

“But you worked with the best (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Linda Ronstadt, Michael McDonald)…. You had a voice that resonated through generations because, forget Reggae for now, but because NOBODY CAN STOP A GREAT SONGWRITER!!! You came to Kenya, came onto my show with your beautiful wife Debra, who told me that she couldn’t stand your singing all over the house!!! Can’t win ’em all, can you? 🤣🤣🤣 I’m sad that you’re gone, mostly because YOU WERE THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE!!! But you made my little world a lot better… and a whole lot bigger…”

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James Ingram

He ended his farewell message penning down,

“Thank you, Mr Ingram… “I Don’t Have The Heart” to say goodbye…… but I pray that you get the just reward your gift gave us….. you trusted your art, your voice and YOURSELF!!! I trust that you’ll be good… after all, like you sang, “Yah Mo Be There”!!!!!! Rest well, JAMES INGRAM…. rest well…. and THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! #RIPJamesIngram #ThankYouForTheMusic #RIP”

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