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i’m secretly planning to leave my husband of 27 years

She insists she bears no anger, but is firm she can no longer remain in a loveless marriage.

A woman revealed that she has made up her mind to leave her husband of 27 years, and he has no clue.

She said that despite all her hopes and dreams in the beginning, and all her good intentions now, it seems impossible to continue her marriage, according to her confession on air.

She said

‘I’ve gone through alot. When I married this man 27 years ago, I saw him as somebody who has focus, only to realize this man is nothing. This guy has gone to the best schools, colleges in Kenya but huyu mbtu hana mbele wala nyuma.’

I’ve gone through alot, I’ve persevered, and enough is enough she told Maina. Ive been gong home, coming back he comes abck to me I’ve tolerated alot right now I’m planning look for my own plot pack and leave. 

I’m ready to forego those 27 years and leave. I have four children, but right now I’ve had enough 

How long did it take her to realize she has made a mistake?


She responded to Maina

this was after 15 years, but all along I was just saying this man is going to change but everyday it becomes words and words and words. I have waited, I have paid for the children school fees I pay the house rent, he comes he feeds breakfast, launch and dinner na hana habari hata. He doesn’t pay for anything. I pay school fees then go to the Headmaster, he comes to pay after a year then I’m refunded. That has been going on and on. 

Relationship experts say that when people harbor deep, which can’t be resolved, it could be time to let go.

My children have got to a point where they know their father won’t pay for anything, when I tell them to go ask their father for money they tell me afadhali ikae, It’s got to a point right now I don’t want to leave blindly, I am quietly planning my exit I am looking for a plot I build my own house that is what I am focusing on. I am just fed up That man has a good salary he is working with one of the best companies but he doesn’t own property, not even a chicken shed, and if you look at him, he seems a very respectable man every woman will admire that man.


The woman said she could no longer remain married to someone for whom she had “no respect.”

but in reality hana mbele wala nyuma Ive wasted my time but I don’t want to regret it because if I regret it I will not move on I will just pick the pieces and move on, she finished

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