‘I’m not okay’ Otile Browns gets candid about dealing with depression

Otile Brown is battling depression because of specific things going on in his life.

You may be wondering why.

He has been dropping hit song after song but his silence is because he has not been okay.

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He confessed in an interview that it is hard for him to come out publicly, because society has already perceived him in a certain way and it’s hard to know who to trust.


“As for Vera, I do not want to talk about her but what I can say is, depression is real. What people do not know is that ever since the beginning of last year, I have not been okay.” Otile shared

He spoke about why as an artiste he can’t open up

“Thank God I have been making money but my emotionally, physically and mentally I have not been a settled. You find that as artistes we do not have people we can open up to. You see like the Papa Dennis incidence last week, God rest his soul in peace. You might find that you’re an artiste but there are things going on in your life, not ati financially or anything like that but you can not talk about it because you are an artiste.


It is sad that sometimes all we want is to talk to someone to let it out andd feel at peace but then you can’t all because of the perspective people have of you.


For a long time, I have learned that I am depressed” Otile Brown added

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Otile Brown has since sought professional help to fight depression, and hopes to recover with time.

“I’m trying to relax, I’m trying to cleanse my body na vitu kama hivyo. From the things I am eating just to get rid of that bad energy so that I can focus because I found out that deep down, I am not okay.” Otile Brown concluded

The discussion is now to help artistes speak up because the rate of depression in the entertainment industry is worrying.

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We urge anyone with depression to get professional help.

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