‘I’m not icecream to be liked’ Huddah responds after upsetting KOT


Huddah has been cancelled by women who have taken offence at her fat girl comments.

Huddah set social media alight when she body shamed an american rapper called Lizzo, who is overweight.

In a screenshot shared widely, Huddah was told off and has a day later been forced to respond to trolls why she said what she said.

She wrote via instagram that
In simple mazematix!
I keep it real and thats what bothers people .
I am responsible for what I write . But I am not responsible for what you choose to understand . Or interpret it into .
If you dont like me . The unfollow button is up there ☝🏾.
I know I wasnt born to be liked by everyone coz I am not ice cream . I am HOT SAUCE not for everyones taste buds! ✌🏽

So for her comments she is cancelled as several Twitter uses decided

Huddah has been canceled by the KOT Canceling Committee because she told them waende gym. You love to see it 😂
Y’all canceling Huddah thinking that we won’t buy her cosmetics 😂😂😂😂. Ah mko na jokes.
“Sis did you see that Huddah post?”

“Eti she’s saying we go to the gym”

“Imagine! The AUDACITY!”

“Tebu give me your WiFi password I cancel her on Twitter”

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