I’m Looking For A Valentines Date’ This Is Neomi Nganga’s Plan For This Month

The one month that men hate the most is finally here and they are still complaining. February is the month of love, well because of Valentines Day, of course.

Neomi Nganga/ Instagram

Well, Neomi Nganga has pretty inspiring plans for this month. She took to social media to share her plans stating that February is all about loving herself more and appreciating the people around her.

She’s also looking for a date for Valentines Day, having missing out on 3 Valentines.

Neomi Nganga/ Instagram

She wrote, “Happy New Month Team Neomi!! 😊😊. Wishing you all kinds of success, happiness, love and good will.. For me, this month is all about loving myself more and appreciating the people around me. In other news, I am also looking for a Valentines date. 😊. I have missed out on 3 Valentines and I am not missing out on this one. So if you want to be my date, hit my inbox or my DM. 😉😉. All I need are flowers, some fine-dining, wine, chocolate. Are you the one for me?”

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