‘I’m in love with my kid brother,’ confesses city woman

Cases of incest have been rampant of late. From mothers having affairs with their children to cousins dating their own blood, we’ve heard many confess about committing incest but the question is what drives them to have such feelings?

‘I Had An Extra-marital Affair With My Sister-in-law Now She Has My Baby, Can I Sue Her For Trapping Me?’ Cries Out Nakuru Man

Well, a city woman has revealed that she’s attracted to her younger brother and has on several occasions thought of raping him.

“I am in love with my kid brother. He has grown into the kind of man I want. My brother is my dream man and I have been holding myself from raping him but I can’t anymore.
Whenever he is in his underwear, I die in my own orgasm. I know this is crazy but I need help before I commit an abomination.
How can I kill this feeling? I am ashamed saying it but I need help please”


Check out some of the comments from social media

Tosinomowumi: Don’t be tempted by your flesh baby….trust me if you try sleeping with him, you will never forgive yourself. .. see what happened after Tarma was rapped in the bible. .capital hatred awaits you.

Mz_topazz: My sister you need deliverance

Modupe.kolawole: You need a psychiatrist what is this world turning to your kid brother ha

Dr_morula: Jesus!!!Is this even possible?

Sannybel: Repent and tell God to take charge, tell your mom abt it and go for deliverance. Study the Word of God and go close to God. This will help

Jasminepalms: This is so not normal

Teekay: Talk to a psychologist, stay away from him, be more prayerful and get yourself into something that takes your mind off it


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