‘I’m in love with 2 women,1 of them is pregnant and I don’t like her,’ confused man seeks advice

A man, who has confessed to being in a relationship with two women (one for five years and the other for two years) is confused on what to do.

According to the man, he loves the woman he’s been in a relationship with for five years more than the other one. But the problem is, he’s impregnated the one he doesn’t love (two years) and she has refused to abort.

He says he has since then broken up with the girlfriend of five years and he’s seeking advice.

“I have 2 serious relationships (5 and 2 years respectively) but am in love with the one I have dated for 5years than the other. The problem am having now is the 2 years lady is now pregnant and not ready for abortion but seriously in love with the other one. I don’t wish to lose or leave her for some reasons because we have shared a lot of things in common (she’s even having an international passport carrying my surname). Though I have told her (5years girl) to allow us to break up, but my mind keeps feeling guilty about it.  I am Thinking I have really offended her though she’s not aware of the other girl’s pregnancy but she will get to know once she delivers. Hope she won’t feel bad about this. I need advice.”

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Oyin_sweetberry: Both of them don’t deserve an unreliable man like you!

Tushblackcoffee:  You are seriously in love but you cheated for 2 whole years without reservation and now you are asking if she won’t feel bad. Chai!!!!!!!

Mandy_smash: Guy you don’t love the 5 years one because if you do you wouldn’t have cheated on her.

Sunpeace: So you want to waste her time again for nine good months devil?

Breezy_zee: This world is wicked

Olodo: You don’t play with people’s hearts like that, man
Rachyejis: Reading this senseless post makes me think you deserve a series of dirty slaps…how do you keep two serious relationships and yet loved the first but still kept you are here saying like you want to be unfortunate in this life you came to.

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