Betty Kyallo with Dennis Okari on their wedding day

‘I’m happy for him’ Betty Kyallo speaks out after Dennis Okari Moves on

Finally, Betty Kyallo has spoken after her ex husband, Dennis Okari proposed to his new bae. Yes! he has moved on and he even wants to marry his new lady while on the other hand, the TV siren is all laid back and just taking care of her baby girl.

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Betty asked her fans and followers to ask her questions and one asked’

“Do you feel bad that Dennis moved on? how do you manage the pain?

She calmly responded saying,

“no pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best.And to everyone else who’s gone or going through the same thing, you’re human, life happens, move on and fine your happiness. I’m happier.”



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In the past, Betty has hinted that Dennis Okari is a deadbeat father and that she has been raising their daughter alone.

Another fan asked how she manages to co parent with her ex husband and she responded by clearing the air that she is a single parent.

Betty Kyallo


She has gone ahead to explain she is happier and that she is fine. We all know Betty Kyallo for her positive vibes and ever bubbly personality. She has also explained that what matters most in her life right now is her daughter and her business that is doing well.

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Dennis recently engaged his current bae in a private occasion. This is a clear indication that he is over Betty and is ready to settle down again and Betty Kyallo is satisfied with her life currently.



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