I’m going back to the woman who put me in jail, I love her 90 per cent

A man who found himself behind bars after a domestic squabble has sworn t go back to her.

The husband told Maina Kageni in a discussion about unhappy husbands that the love he has for her is 90 percent and the rest is for the kids.

Maina Kageni asked gentlemen ‘Guys, What would you want your woman to do starting today for you to be happy

The husband then called and confessed that his wife put him in jail, in cirucmstances he cannot understand.

‘she reported me akaniweka ndani for three months now mpaka nashiwndwa what do women need? every basic need, we argued about a quarrel it wasn’t good anyway but finally I don’t know what happened. i was called and put in for three months, i have given her everything, we are almost back again, i am willing to go back to that woman who put me in jail for the children. if you have a family you can understand more of what i am saying, and when i go back to her i will not love her like before i love her 90 percent, the rest is for children, Maina if you don’t know how it is, coz you love your children and the end of the day the children will suffer, after giving her everything, and i don’t even have a side chick and all of a sudden we had conflict and is not good, and then I’m in jail, ni kama anafikiria vibaya and I’m still gonna go back to her’

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you sympathize with his situation?

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