Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

‘I’m fasting till you go to Italy’ Diana Marua and Bahati fight on TV

Diana Marua and Bahati’s marriage seems to be shaky despite the ‘united’ front they have been putting on social media. There is trouble in paradise.

In a segment of their show ‘Being Bahati’, Diana and Bahati treated each other so coldly it hurt. Diana told the directors of reality TV show that Bahati is angry at her.

‘ After the dinner announcement about me going to Italy, Bahati did not take it lightly.

Bahati got enraged when Diana revealed that she will have to travel out of the country to go study. His beef is that she made the decision and announced it to family before consulting with him.

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Diana Marua and bae Bahati
Diana Marua and bae Bahati

A sulking Bahati stopped calling Diana by her pet name, “Babe”, and opted for a more impersonal name like “Mama Heav” and “Diana”.

She even pleaded with him to go back to calling him “Babe”

Bahati shot back, “Actually in this house I’m not going to eat. I have to get used to staying hungry because when you go to Italy, I will be hungry.”

Adding, “I’m fasting till you go to Italy. I’m praying for you. Safe skies.”

Later he revealed that his move was a strategy.

“Sometimes you have to play hard to get like a Ghetto man hadi ubembelezwe (until you are pampered).

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

Later, the couple reconciled.

“Babe, I’m so sorry for over reacting,” Bahati said.

In a recent post Bahati says that no marriage is perfect

There is no secret to a perfect marriage, everybody has their Ups and Downs, it’s hard work….. but we made a commitment. A spiritual foundation has been and is still our Key. @bahatikenya 💋❤

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