“I’m a Luhyia man I don’t have the grace to be single” Burale to marry soon

City preacher Robert Burale is ready to leave behind the single life and embrace the warm bossom of a wife.

He told this to Churchill on the My Journey series on NTV August 1.

While he did not divulge the identity of the lucky woman, he told Churchill that very soon he will be married, adding that “I am a luhyia man, I do not have the grace to stay single”.

He told of the hardship of being a preacher talking about relationships and coming home to an empty bed.

“I live in this big house in Karen alone. I do intend to get married 150 per cent. I’m a luhyia man I do not have the grace to be single, keep your eyes open and your ears on the ground. Marriage is a good idea, marriage is a God idea and to be honest kuna vitu zingine lazima unenjoy kwa ndoa.The challenge as a man of God, is the judgement I get the abuse I mean I can bet my bottom dollar that on youtibe video, kuna mtu ameandika huko chini chief divorcee.  But also after preaching there is an emptiness you feel you want to come home to a wife you want someone to massage, it can be lonely ndio nasema I  will revenge in every way in the boardroom and bedroom, let me say soemthignt men of God will not say, that when you finish minitestering to the people of God, it is important to rush homne to your spouse and refill, mimi si chuma churchill, unaamka Karen an hii baridi, it not easy”

His greatest desire since his divorce is to settle down, as he is ready and spoke lovingly of his ex wife Rozinah Mwakideu and his baby mama, and what went wrong.

“Let me tell you where people get it wrong. My ex wife and my baby mama are two different women. I got married (to Rozinah)  in 2012 for one year and two days, na ikaisha. She is a great woman of God namheshimu kabisa it just didn’t work out, it ended in 2013. Mama Lexi I was with her even before salvation. Lexi is now 16 my heartbeat. She has grown up well and I attribute it to her mother, so my ex wife and babay mama are two different people”


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